Student Activities

The XEBEC MODEL SCHOOL offers a multitude of extra-curricular opportunities to challenge and nurture our diverse community of learners, and Students. Through our robust activities offerings, students of every interest, passion, and talent are sure to find enrichment and inspiration.


Student Activities
  • Arts and Paints
  • Music, Culture and Dance
  • Games and Sports (Indoor-Outdoor)
  • Literature, Language and School Magazine.
  • ICT (Information ( Communication Technology)
  • Outing and Excursion
  • National Day, Birth Day Celebration
  • Fruit Festival
Student Activities
  • PithaUtsob
  • Fresher’s Reception and Class Party
  • English Language Club, Literary Club, Debate Club, Sports Club, Social Welfare Club
  • Multimedia and visual Teaching Methods
  • Regular Guardians Meeting
Art Class

We believe that children learn in all realms of development. In addition to our Thinking Based Curriculum, we offer students a wide variety of extracurricular activities to choose from. One or two classes a week of activities help children build confidence and maturity and allow them to further explore their interests in a particular area.

One extracurricular activity a week is included in tuition. Because many parents like the convenience of having extracurricular activities during the school day, additional extracurricular activities are available and are paid separately from tuition.

Dance Class

Children will spend their time daily learning basic skills, social skills, self-expression and fine and gross motor skills. All of this will be integrated at a pace and level that corresponds with each child’s capacity and maturity. The Toddlers’ and Twos’ classes participate in a Creative Movements class where physical development is supported through moving the body in new ways.

Student Activities
  • Tennis – Teaches the basic skills of tennis and enhances eye-hand coordination.
  • Ballet –Offers the elements of Ballet, Jazz and Hip Hop techniques. Explores freedom of expression through dance and helps build coordination.
  • Music Initiation – Promotes discipline, concentration, determination and creativity.
  • Violin – Helps to optimize brain development, triggering connections in the brain when solving basic math and science problems.
  • Gymnastics – Promotes physical strength, flexibility, agility, coordination and balance.