Admission FAQ

We are sure your family has many questions as you begin the admissions process at Xebec. You are welcome to contact an admissions officer at any time to address specific areas of interest, or feel free to browse some of the most frequently asked questions below.

How do I know if my child is ready for preschool ?

Nothing is more important in a child's early life than the time spent learning and playing with his or her parents. A child is ready for preschool only if you, as a family, are ready for it. When a child shows increased interest in playing with other children, when you begin to sense in your child an urgency to explore, to try new things and test physical skills, and when your child becomes clearly interested in exercising his/her independence (doing things for him or herself) he or she will probably enjoy preschool and thrive in this environment.

How many openings are there each year ?

Prekindergarten: 30
Kindergarten: 30
1st Grade: 8
2nd-5th Grades: based on attrition
6th Grade: 20

How are admissions pieces "weighed?"

Our little one has been happy with the school from the moment we went for the first time to take the tour. Her first words were: "mami, me gusta mucho la escuela" and I still hear the same phrase every day whenever I pick her up after class.

The director, Andreina Store, has been an angel reinforcing us and being so attentive to our daughter's new environment.

How important are extracurricular activities ?

I know how important school is for our children.
That is why we offer a safe and warm environment where in addition to learn, children have the opportunity to develop a culture of thinking from very early stages and empower their knowledge too.
XEBEC MODEL SCHOOL also offers a bilingual program where our children are exposed to two languages: Bengali and English. We want our children to be passionate about learning, so we offer them the resources that will lead them to take risks and have a life with goals...

Step 5: Specialty of Xebec Teaching:

  • Learning with fun, with joyful and playful teaching or visual aids. No rote learning.
  • Weekly and Daily Lesson Plan.
  • Extra Care for the weaker and slower students.
  • Well and up to date trained teaching staff by national and international trainers.
  • Very much practical and innovative curriculum blended of National and International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO).
  • Master Plan of various worksheet and activity sheet.
  • Class presented by Multimedia Projector.
  • Students are provided various creative learning video clips.
  • Inter-School Scholarship Examination, Art Competition, Debate Competition, Sports Program, Celebration Program and Cultural Program though Bangladesh Kindergarten Development Organization (BKDA).

Step 6: Health and Safety

Your child’s physical, psychological and emotional safety is a priority for us.

Safety Policy

  • Security Video Cameras recording 24 x 7.
  • Closed circuit television monitoring system.
  • Daily Parent Sign-In & Out System.
  • Your child is supervised all the times.
  • Lock system at all our entrances.
  • Faculty certified in CPR & First Aid in accordance with licensing requirements.
  • Faculty fingerprinted upon hire Get local & federal background authorizations and checks.
  • Both teachers and children use uniform.
  • The physical environment and educational curriculum and model used at the school support children’s social and emotional wellbeing, promoting self- steem and autonomy.
  • Own school buses with safe control systems: Seatbelts, press button system, written safety protocol checked daily.